Hot water extraction

Hot water extraction is the tried and true method approved by carpet manufacturers. AMS Cleaning Solutions only uses the Hydra Master Titan 875. The most powerful truck mount made. The Titan 875 allows us to use less water and products on your carpet. This equals less dry times and cleaner carpets.

Encapsulation cleaning ( Commercial only service )

Encap cleaning allows us to clean your building with the following benefits. Dry carpets and floors in 2 hours or less. All doors are locked and secure so no issues with security. Increased agitation for really soiled carpets.
This particular method is ideal for banks, senior living facilities, call centers, companies that are bound by HEPA standards in regards to client data. If you need a quite, quick drying secure form of cleaning encapsulation maybe perfect.

Upholstery Cleaning

We can clean all types of fabrics. We use multiple techniques depending on the soils and the type of fabric. If you walk, sit, or lay on it we can clean it. Much of the cleaning depends on whats been spilled, what products have been tried and the type of fabric on the furniture.

Spot and Animal Treatment

We can eliminate most any spots on your carpet and upholstery. Some stains can not be removed completely, but can be lightened. We do not mind testing a area first to show the results.

Animal stains and spots can cause lots of damage and can create odor issues.
These problems can be resolved using proven methods.

Tile and Grout

Steam cleaning tile/grout at 250 degrees will help sanitize and break loose all the dirt and grime that has built up over the years. When cleaning tile the machine’s power is turned up to pressure wash capability and the
tile/grout is cleaned in a contained environment leaving the surroundings unharmed. The vacuum simultaneously removes the water and dirt back out into the van.

Hardwoods, Marble, SVT

We provide the above services. From polishing to cleaning of these types of services.

Pressure Washing

AMS Cleaning Solutions
provides power cleaning for industrial, residential and commercial businesses. Pressure washing is not a one-size-fits-all , AMS utilizes specialized equipment, and cleaning solutions that are best suited for each surface
type, and the facilities particular needs.